Our Business

Real Estate Development and Operational Capabilities
Metropoly is a vertically-integrated platform that combines capital management with real estate development and operational capabilities. We cover the entire real estate investment process, including market selection, deal sourcing and initiation, acquiring and assembling portfolios of high-potential assets, structuring, financing and packaging investments, developing portfolios and managing assets, executing sales and strengthening portfolios to create value and generate returns before investments are exited.
Our Story

Founded in Hong Kong by Mr Ang Keng Lam, and headed by Mr. Ang Renyi, Metropoly Holdings Limited is a boutique asset management company that specializes in real estate investment and development in Asia. We strive to deliver sustainable commercial returns with a strong focus on social and corporate responsibility.

Through our global network, in-market operational expertise, and entrepreneurial culture we are able to pursue a wide array of opportunities across a spectrum of geographies and products.

Headquartered in Hong Kong Metropoly has offices in Japan and representatives in Seoul and Singapore.

Our Team

Meet our exceptional team - combining local knowledge, operational expertise, an entrepreneurial culture and an extensive network. We are uncompromising in our commitment to integrity and fiduciary responsibility, unrelenting in seeking to reward stakeholders and investors with sustainable returns.

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Corporate Governance

As Metropoly expands in Asia and beyond, we continue to operate to the highest standards of corporate governance, transparency and accountability. We foster an internal culture of honesty, integrity and professionalism, leaving no stone unturned to gain the full confidence and trust of our investors and partners. At all times, we conduct our businesses in an ethical manner and in strict accordance with applicable local laws and regulations.



Metropoly incorporates sustainability practices into our real estate investment/development business, always conducting our company’s activities in ways that adhere to strict social responsibility guidelines. This approach enables Metropoly to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns for investors, while also working towards a safer and brighter future. Our policies and procedures aim to do the following:

1Build Better Communities

We invest in and develop high-quality, efficient spaces that positively impact local communities, and contribute to the rejuvenation of urban landscapes.

Metropoly works with qualified external consultants to engage communities and stakeholders at a local level, and designs strategies that reflect a project's likely impact on the surrounding economy and society. Our corporate aim to revitalize culture and heritage in tandem with the implementation of green approaches to urban development adds an important dimension to Metropoly's investments.